My Story/Contact

Phone: 321 507 2243


ABOUT Elizabeth:

Elizabeth is originally from Edinburgh, Scotland.  

She resides on the Space Coast in Melbourne, Florida.  

Painting in the moment with a focus on movement.

I suspend color, light, translucency, opacity and texture within windows of opportunity I experience, resulting in filtering, reflecting, qualifying and preserving elements intuitively into the next layer.

My process is perpetually adding, removing, and connecting.  I am guided by emotion and it is a continuous journey. I am freely originating in the moment. 

I create custom artwork for commercial and residential projects, collaborating with Interior Designers. 

My artwork begins with a customized birch wood canvas and a painted layer and I also work on canvas.  Then layers of tinted resin between layers of paint.  The technique and process I have developed and created is to suspend paint, transparency and light within layers of resin to create depth that would otherwise not be possible.