'When in doubt, be the cause of fun!'

I am a Painter.  

Elizabeth is originally from Edinburgh, Scotland.  

She resides on the Space Coast in Melbourne, Florida.  She is mother to three beautiful daughters, Sarah, Rachel and Amy and married to David who is an aerospace engineer.  

Her process is perpetually adding, removing, and connecting.

As a young girl Elizabeth would always be creating and making.  It started with knitting.   Her mother patiently taught her the basics and Elizabeth went to work to master it.  And she did.   She studied Graphic Design and Illustration in Michigan and again went to work to master it.  And she did.  So when it comes to painting, she never stops experimenting and expanding her knowledge and technique.   She fearlessly has no limits and is never short of ideas so with no hesitation, she will create.  She predominantly works with acrylics and resin, and enjoys creating texture and depth within in her work.

'The second I pull on my paint duds, hold the brush in my hand, crank the tunes,  I enter into my 'wee paint bubble' and its the best feeling in the world!'

Since living in Florida, Liz has been involved in several custom art projects both residential and commercial.   Her work is permanently on public display within several commercial buildings on the Space Coast and within private collections.   

'When in doubt, be the cause of fun!' .....this is my message.   Get out and about, be with family and friends, make the plans, be the one that reminds everyone around you that its the simple things in life that matter.