Custom Art for Design

Sometimes a project just needs some custom artwork!  Elizabeth creates that one-of-a-kind artwork for your commercial or residential space.  

Talk about texture?

Layers upon layers of paint, resin and various pigments. build the painting like a sculpture.  Elizabeth hand paints between layers of tinted resin and anticipates the colors building and creating her signature depth and dimension.

The Process?

I often work with interior designers and I generally visit the space.  I sample flooring, wall finishes, furniture, and fabrics to ensure color harmony.  I will be paying close attention to textures within the space too.   After consultation meeting with the designer and/or homeowner/business owner, I will present a mock=up sketch of the artwork.

A 50% deposit for the artwork will be due prior to mock-up being created. 

The work can be either on canvas or wood.   I can explain this better in person because I will recommend what is best for your custom artwork once we have ironed out all the details.

All materials are of the highest professional quality and all artwork is UV protected.